5 Best Portuguese Songs For American Children

Whether your child has some Portuguese or Brazilian roots or whether you would just like your child to learn some interesting children songs in Portuguese, I can definitely say it’s a great idea you want your child to learn Portuguese children’s song, no matter what the reason behind it!

There are numerous lovely children’s song in Portuguese which are fun and interesting for the children, but that will also approach them to Portuguese language and the culture that goes along with it. If you are looking for some Portuguese songs for your child to learn here are a few ideas!
1. A Barata Diz Que Tem

This children’s song is very popular in Portuguese-speaking countries and it is very fun for young children. The song is about a cockroach and the meaning of the title translated to English is Cockroach says. This song is excellent for learning Portuguese at a very young age, but it is also incredibly fun. So, whether or not your child speaks some Portuguese be prepared to learn it with this song!
2. Atirei O Pau No Gato
Another song in Portuguese that might be interesting to many children is Atirei O Pau No Gato, or I Threw A Stick At A Cat. As the song title suggests, this song is all about children’s adventures, but in addition to that it is incredibly fun and interesting. This song is popular among young children in Portugal and Brazil, and if you would like your child to learn it too, you can do so by singing the song together or learning the words. There is no better way to learn a language, than a fun way that involves singing and playing with your child!
3. Bate Palminha Bate
This is a popular Portuguese clapping game which is suitable for both older and younger children alike. Therefore, even if your child is just a baby this song is suitable for them. The title of the song would be, Clap, Little Hand, Clap, and it is great not just for learning language, but also for developing motor skills which is incredibly important at this young age. Therefore, you can sing Portuguese songs to your baby and spend some quality time developing language skills, motor skills and musicality.

4. Pisei Na Pedrinha
This song is yet another clapping rhyme which is suitable for younger children. Therefore, whether you have a baby at home or a toddler, this song that is about how a child stepped on a pebble will certainly be amusing for both you and your child. The title when translated from English would be I Stepped On A Pebble.

5. Peixinhos Do Mar

This children’s song is called Little Fish Of The Sea, and it is certainly amusing for the whole family. You can sing it with your child and teach your child not just Portuguese language, but also of the importance of nature and sea creatures.

Author: Camille Smith

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